The Prime Soccer Academy Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure every player and parent understands the expectations that will be placed on each player with respect to commitment, behavior, and performance throughout the Prime Soccer Academy program. If you do not understand any element of this code, please speak to your Prime Soccer Academy Coach and ask for clarification.


Code of Conduct:


Prime Soccer Academy is a professional organization. Players are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which is in keeping with representing Prime Soccer Academy. Whenever you are wearing the Prime Soccer Academy logo and participating in a Prime Soccer Academy event, you are an ambassador for the club and are therefore expected to conduct yourself accordingly.


  • Your primary commitment is to the Prime Soccer Academy program. This takes priority over other sports and activities for the duration of the program. Any additional sports activities are perfectly acceptable as long as they don’t conflict directly with your Prime Soccer Academy team commitments. If you have to miss a Prime Soccer Academy game or training session for another activity, simply communicate with your Prime Coach.


  • It is suggested to parents to plan any vacation after the program has ended. If you plan on taking a family vacation during the program, please clear it with your Prime Soccer Academy Coach


  • Players are expected to be on time for all training, games, and events


  • Report to your Prime Soccer Academy Coach all injuries, special medical conditions (such as asthma) or extenuating circumstances (such as lack of sleep or family crisis) that may affect the player. Injured Players still need to report to training


  • If you cannot attend a session or game, you must email your Prime Soccer Academy Coach at least 3 days before with the reason for your absence. Communication


  • Prime Soccer Academy will strive to communicate professionally and openly with player/parents

  • Prime Soccer Academy will mainly communicate by email or through a team website


  • It is the responsibility of the player and parents to have a proper email that is checked regularly


  • It is the responsibility of the player/parents to check and review the team website to understand the program schedule Dress Code


  • Players are required to wear assigned Prime Soccer Academy gear for all official events, which includes Prime Soccer Academy training gear to all sessions, and the appropriate kit for all games


  • Players are also expected to wear Prime Soccer Academy zip tops whenever traveling with the team Playing Time


  • Everyone plays on a Prime Soccer Academy team. Prime Soccer Academy believes that in order to develop, young players need to play. Prime Soccer Academy is quite structured in how substitutions are managed. Subs are generally not made to change the outcome of a game. Subs are made to ensure players get some degree of equity in playing time. No, not everyone plays equally but every player gets a minimum half game. If a player is having an off-game, Prime believes that he/she needs to work through it. There’s no value in having a young player looking over their shoulder in fear of being yanked from the field. That being said, Prime Soccer Academy also believes that players need to be held accountable for performance as it pertains to work ethic. If that becomes an issue, it will be dealt with separately on an individual basis. The exception to this playing time policy is for at U15 and older which have more of a performance-based playing time policy. This is to better prepare players for adult/ university level soccer. Prime Soccer Academy Coaches may also declare certain games “performance-based” in order to introduce that element of accountability to the players.


  • Realize that a team’s reputation is built not only on its playing ability but also on its sportsmanship


  • Players are expected to be gracious in victory and turn defeat to victory by working towards improvement


  • Parents refrain from speaking to officials. DO NOT openly question their judgment. If you have questions or concerns with the referees, relay the information to the Prime Soccer Academy Coach


  • Parents refrain from being confrontational with the opponents’ parents


  • Players refrain from commenting on decisions during the play of the game. Players may address the officials during the game but only within the provisions of the rules, and in a courteous, respectful manner. Player Discipline 1. Persistent irresponsible and disrespectful behavior will be cause for dismissal. 2. Failure to comply with any and all team rules (curfew, attendance, dress code, etc.) may be cause for disciplinary action. Persistent failure will be cause for dismissal from the program for the remainder of the current season and could affect a player’s future participation Prime Soccer Academy Commitment


  • Prime Soccer Academy is committed to providing a professional program that puts player development at the forefront of its operations


  • Prime Soccer Academy Coaches will be professional and organized in all training sessions and game events


  • Prime Soccer Academy Coaches will provide honest and constructive feedback to all players with the goal of helping each player develop to the best of their abilities


  • Prime Soccer Academy Coaches will also provide the opportunity for parents to receive constructive feedback on their child’s soccer development

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